Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How is Man of the match (MOTM) calculated / decided?
MOTM is awarded to the player having the highest impact/match score in a match. It takes into account your Kills, Deaths, Assists, Creep Stats and other objectives like Kraken, Turret captures etc. depending on the game mode. Sometimes, a player from the loser team might get it if they have played better than everyone else.
2. How is Hero Peformance Statistics (Chart) Calculated ?
No rocket science involved here. Wins increase and Losses reduce the performance value. This chart is mostly used to identify the player's best heroes.
3. Where are my older matches? only focuses on most recent data (Past 15-45 days). This is to keep the ever-changing meta system current and the site fast. Older matches are purged automatically.
4. How do I identify my region?
identify-your-region-part-1 identify-your-region-part-2
5. Why do some hero images have a Grey/ Black & White tint?
Grey/ Black & White tint indicates that the player went AFK in the match.
6. How do I report a bug or suggest a feature?
Send an email to contact [at]